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You need a solution that just works. One that:
  • Will keep your people focused on learning, not the LMS...
  • Can scale as your company grows from 10 to over 100,000 learners without missing a beat...
  • Tracks everything and let's you report on anything...
  • Frees up your time by automating repetitive task...
  • Increases productivity by keeping your learners engaged...
  • Straightforward setup that easily handles your most complex learning headaches and business rules.
Our mission is to make you, your team and your organization successful.

We've never been asked for a feature that we could't do or couldn't resolve.

From automating course assignments based on job functions to uniquely numbered certificates to complex certification rules. And way more solutions than we have room for here. PLUS, As your needs change, we will back you up with the support you need.

AbilityLMS gives you stability and peace of mind.

Give us 30 minutes and we'll show you why top companies and higher education chooses Ability LMS

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Tile Dashboards
Multiple Interfaces

Tiles make it easier to find and complete assigned training. Hover over any tile to access additional one-click links.

Streamlined Menus
Add courses fast

Adding Courses, Learning Tracks and Classes is now a one-click selection from a drop-down menu.

Dynamic Learning Paths
Visual and easy to follow

Visually engaging learning paths with automatically updated status under each thumbnail.

Smart Footer
Configurable links

Add links to help files, Contact pages, social media links and more.

Custom Help
Get answers fast

Update Help menus, text an images from within Ability LMS or link to external pages.

Dynamic Tiles
Simple, onc-click links

Users can hover over tiles to access more information and one-click links. Tile labels can be easily modified.

Learning Home Page
Keep learners motivated

Each learning path and course has a home page. Dynamic "next" feature allows students to go through courses in a specified order.

Training History
See what's been done.

Quickly view what courses have been completed. LMS allows students to review or retake courses and print available certificates.

Quick Reporting
Excellent reports

Quickly generate recurring reports. Save report data or have it emailed. Emailed reports can also be scheduled to run and send automatically.

Report Builder
Use any LMS data

Easily generate reports on any data collected by Ability LMS. Reports can be saved for future use.

Responsive Design
Perfect for learners on the go

Learning experience is responsive, mobile ready and works on modern browsers.

Mobile Player
Offline capabilities

Ability Mobile Player allows authenticated learners to download approved courses. Once completed, the LMS is updated when Internet access is available

Plus tons of other features, big and small.

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Excellence in Training

Ability Content:
Building Top Performers

What You Should Know About Top Performers.

You make them. People want to know that they're appreciated. That they mean something. That they can improve and help the organization they're with.

Building top performers isn't always easy and doesn't happen over night. But with persistance and the right tools, you can help your people become the best they can be. Ability Content helps you to achieve that goal by providing you with the training they need to become top performers.

Award-Winning Content

Your employees will become more competent, more product and have better job satisfaction when you provide top-quality training materials that let them know you care. They can use these courses to gain new skills, enhance existing ones or fill in training gaps. All lessons are proven to be effective and take less than 10 minutes.

Engaging User Experience

Keep your users coming back for more with binge learning technology, automated notifications and easy access to courses. Our Top Performer Series are presented in a short, to-the-point manner that keeps learners engaged.

Proven Delivery System

When combined with Ability LMS, managers and administrators get get access to powerful tools to help manage students and the learning experience. We don't skimp on features but we do make the process of managing everything as intuitive as possible.

Expand Your LMS

Ability Apps — Power Tools for Your LMS

Ability Apps work with your LMS to expand it's functionality.

Ability LMS Power Tools

Need something special? We can do that. In addition to custom services, Ability LMS has a number of add-ons that can power up your LMS!

  • Single Sign-On
  • Load Balancing
  • Ecommerce Engine
  • Communication Manager
  • Needs Assessment/Assignment
  • Private Portals
  • And more!
  • Survey Engine
  • Course Creation
  • Course Conversion from Flash
  • Multi-language voice-overs
  • Language localization of text
  • HR Integration
  • And more!
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