Wow! With 2020 upon us and 20/20 vision of our past and future, our focus on building top performers changes EVERYTHING…

  1. Your Learners
  2. Administrators
  3. Training Library
  4. CRM Integration
  5. Course Conversion
  6. Ability Forms
  7. Professional Services and Web Design

Because our focus is on creating top performers, we’ve made significant, positive changes or our learning system including better tiles for Learners and Administrators, as well as updated menus and a smart footer.

Your Learners

Dynamic Tiles

Updated tiles make it easier for learners to find and complete assigned training. Hover over any time to access additional one-click links.

For Admins, tiles become wizards allowing admins to quickly complete common tasks such as viewing reports, managing people, courses, communications and more.

AbilityLMS now provides a range of tiles that can be modified to match your color scheme and specific wording. We can also create custom tiles to fit your specific needs for your organization.


With the new tiles comes the ability to create an assortment of various dashboards which using the LMS easier for Learners, Managers, Trainers, and Administrators.

  • Special widgets and text-based tiles
  • Announcement Widget
  • Dynamic text
  • Large tiles (Horizontal menu with 2 tiles)

Streamlined Menus

In addition to Admin tiles, we’ve streamlined many of our drop downs menus making tasks such as Adding Courses, Learning Tracks and Classes a one-click selection.

Smart Footer

smart footer

The bottom of every page can now display links to your social media accounts, help desk or contact forms. Each link can be turned on or off independently.

Customizable Help

custom help

The Custom Help is a single file that supports standard HTML5 components, such as links to streaming videos, and can be edited by Learning Administrators through the Ability Learning System. Images can be saved locally, modified and uploaded, as required. You can use the Smart Footer to link directly to this or other help files.

Thumbnails with Dynamic Status

dynamic thumbnails

Assign a custom thumbnail or use a standard one to engage learners. At a glance, learners see their current status for each assigned Learning Track.

Home Pages and Binge Learning

Both Learning Traks and individual courses have their very one Home Page. The Course Home Page is where all learning takes place. In addition to the course description, status, and other information, a Next button allows Learners to easily launch the next in sequence course allowing for fast “binge” learning.

Secure Express Links

Create a link to any Course Home Page and include that link in emails, webpages, and CRMs. When clicked, the learner is authenticated (including log in if required) and directed to the Course Home Page. When training is completed, the Course Home Page is closed, and a history status is automatically applied.

Fast Search for Specific Training

The Search area lets Learning find the exact Learning Path (a collection of courses) or a specific course they are looking for. Learning paths dynamically show the number of the course in the Learning Path and course status (Not Taken, In Progress, Completed) when searching for courses.

Training Transcripts and History

Not only can Learners see all of the courses they’ve completed, but courses also show a thumbnail for easy identification as well as the date of completion. With just a click, you can open completed courses to retake or review or print a certificate of completion (if available).

New Video Course Wrapper

Courses can now streaming videos from services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or other hosted sites. Course creators can also enable video controls, prompt Learner to confirm that training was completed as well as add workflows such as an exam or survey after the Learner has watched the video.

Virtual Classrooms, Webinar’s and Screensharing

Virtual Classrooms

AbilityLMS includes technology to connect with screen-sharing tools, such as Zoom, GoTo Meeting, and Join.Me. Once a video sharing account is added to the system course creators can schedule webinars for either internal or external events. Attendees can be added as participants or allowed to enroll in the event. The LMS can also display a “Join Session” button 15 minutes before the scheduled event. When a Learner clicks the button, they are automatically connected to the webinar. When the event is over, the Trainer can mark which attendees completed which adds history item to their training.

Work Offline

With the Ability Mobile Player, authenticated learners can download courses designated by the Learning Administrator. This is a great option for those with limited Internet access. Learners work through the course offline and the status is automatically uploaded when Internet access is available.


Smart Admin Tiles

Admin Tiles

Our smart admin tiles are just colored boxes but actually smart tiles that give you one-click access to specific areas such as Learners or History or even powerful wizards to guide you through common tasks such as adding people or courses.

Identify Your People Faster

Color-Coded Tiles: Administrators can now view lists of people as color-coded tiles allowing you to quickly identify Managers and active versus inactive people.

Filter and Select: Need to add specific people to a course or Learning Track has never been easier. Simply select the criteria needed to filter the people you want and they instantly show up.

Ad Hoc Groups: Sometimes you need to create a temporary group for a specific project or task. With the Ad Hoc Group Manager, you can quickly build a group, assign a manger and, when the group is no longer needed, instantly disband the ad hoc group.

Smarter Menus

Smarter Admin Menus

Now you can get to the wizard you need faster than ever with our newly updated smart menus which take you directly to where you want to go.


Making copies of Catalogs (a group of courses with no set due dates), Learning Paths (a group of courses that do have due dates) or learners assigned to one of these is simplified with Ability LMS.

Admin Clone Assignments

Clone Catalogs and Learning Paths: Simply select the Learning Path to copy from and the Learning Path you want the courses copies into and click “Next”. All courses will be copied from the source Learning Path to the receiving Learning Path. You can do the same thing with Catalogs.

Clone Learner Assignment: This quick wizard allows you to instantly copy over all Learners who are in one Learning Path to a new Learning Path. Again, simply select the Learning Path to copy from and the Learning Path you want the courses copies into and click “Next”. You can also copy Learners from one Catalog to another Catalog using the same quick wizard.

Set Course Sequence

Admin Course Sequence

Often, it’s important that courses be reviewed in a particular order. AbilityLMS allows you to not only set a suggested course order but you can also set prerequisites requiring that certain courses be completed. You can even require certain actions to take place such as completion of a test, survey or manager sign-off before a course is marked as “complete”.

Updated Course Wrappers

admin generic online courses

In addition to SCORM and AICC course wrappers, AbilityLMS now offers a number of other course wrappers such as streaming videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), Book presentations, MS Office documents, PDFs and much more.


You need to know and understand what’s happening with your organization’s learning. Our reporting helps you do just that.

Standard Reports: AbilityLMS offers a host of pre-set reports that can be opened with a single click or customized to your needs.

Pivot Table Reports: Managers and Learning Administrators can use the Pivot Table tile to generate a quick report based on a Learning Track. One Pivot Table report shows a summary and another report provides a color code report to visually see how Learners are progressing with their training. Each Manager only sees those Learners who are designated as a direct report.

Expanded Analytics: Anything the system tracks can be reported on. With the Expanded Analytics Reports, you can make informed decisions about all aspects of training as well as determine what functions and pages are in demand.

Report Builder: While we’ve covered most of the bases, every organization has its own special needs. That’s why Ability LMS also includes a full-featured Report Builder. Using the Report Builder, you can create custom reports using any of the data collected by Ability LMS.

Automated Reporting: Affectionally named “Monday Reports” our powerful report automation can generate and send out reports on specific days (such as Monday!) to the people who need to get them, automatically without human intervention. (While this service does require a one-time fee, the cost is minimal and pays for itself in a short time.)

Training Library

Professional and Safety Skills Content

Many companies have subscription plans with vendors like SalesForce and Linda.Com for professional development content, but lack of utilization makes this expensive. Plus, large content libraries offer irrelevant and often redundant training. Additionally, content from multiple sources is often inconsistent and could result in training that provides contradictory information making it confusing to the Learner.

MaxIT offers an award-winning library of over 1,500 professional skills that is simple to access, has a lower cost and better utilization than industry standards. Our adaptive pricing model allows MaxIT to invoice based on the number of Learners on the system. For more information about our content visit

In addition to the professional skills training, we also offer Safety Content which can be personalized to your organization.

CRM Integration

Launch Links

We understand that your business uses other tools such as CRMs. MaxIT has assisted with CRM integrations, with tools like Workday and Dynamic 365. We’ll supply you with links that you can place into your CRM which will allow you to print AbilityLMS Reports or securely launch authorized courses.

HR Feeds

You can also use your CRM as an authoritative source of employees or Learners. Daily or weekly HR feeds are uploaded to a secure FTP site and merged into Ability LMS. New employees are added and ex-employees are automatically set to INACTIVE. Additionally, new employees can be automatically assigned to the required training.

Completion Feeds

In addition to pulling data (HR Feeds), Ability LMS can also push back data such as when certification training is complete.


Ability LMS comes with a standard set of APIs which allow you to do various actions from a front end website. These include actions such as authorizing Learners, listing courses associated with a particular Learner, and information on courses, Learning Paths and much more. We can also craft specific APIs based on your requirements.

Course Conversion

Challenges with Flash

Some vendors still offer Flash-based content, which creates a significant set of issues:

  • Current Flash content doesn’t always communicate status to the learning system. This means that the LMS may not have access to important completion data.
  • Browser support for Flash is sporadic, sometimes playing audio but not presenting the content.
  • Flash support comes to an end in 2020 and browsers will likely stop playing Flash altogether after support ends in 2020.
  • Learners leave the LMS environment and enter in the authoring tool’s space the moment training is launched
course conversion 1

Companies need to update Flash-based courses still in use to ensure that the information in those courses is preserved.

Course Development and Conversion

MaxIT will work with you to recreate any of your Flash-based (or other) courses to HTML5 which can run in any browser

course conversion 2
  • Content (images and soundtrack) are extracted from the course.
  • The course is then reproduced as PowerPoint files to provide a storyboard.
  • New slides can be added at any time without having to recreate the entire course.

Language Localization

In addition to recreating courses to HTML5, we can also set up the courses so that they can be localized to various languages such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and more. Due to the process and way we set up the courses, new language versions can be created very cost-effectively.

Ability Forms

Capture a Process

Ability Forms allows you to automate work using forms such as tracking Quarterly Reviews or any other data that could be captured using a form. For instance, you can use Ability Forms to expedite self-registration and automatically assign training to newly created accounts.

Capture a Workflow

Ability Forms can also be used as part of a workflow. For instance, Learners can use a form created by Ability Forms to make requests regarding Workshops. Presenters have a special tile that links to the requests. Using another link in the tile, the Presenter can create or update a Workshop.

Professional Services and
Web Design

Ability LMS has a vast array of features and functionality. But our mission is to be the last LMS you’ll ever need. To make that happen, professional services when you have specialized needs for your organization.

In addition to modifying or creating customized functionality for you needs, we can also provide expert help in creating custom front-end environments for your learners, managers and administrators. Anything from simple forms or landing pages to a fully constructed website matching the exact look and feel you want and all the dashboards, displays and functionality you require.

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