Allowing Learners to print off a certificate at the completion of a course is great. But that’s where almost all LMS vendors stop. Certificate management should be more than a check-list item when selecting an LMS. Unfortunately, the LMS vendor community seems to have gone down the path of only trying to meet the minimum criteria for checklist items that an LMS should have. The end result is that you could be missing out on powerful features that can make your business more effective.

Certificates and Microlearning

The ability to print certificates is a great case in point. Most, but not all LMS vendors allow you to print a certificate after the completion of a course. If the course is 4 hours long or longer, maybe that’s appropriate. But what happens when your company starts adopting microlearning? Microlearning is now widely considered a “best practice” for many e-learning situations. Each of these “micro” courses is typically 3-10 minutes long and usually covers a specific point. There may be 10-50 microlearning courses that cover a specific area such as warehouse safety, sales, customer service, OSHA compliance or even basic onboarding courses.

Getting a “certificate” after each one of these short, microlearning courses starts to become meaningless and doesn’t really make sense. What’s needed is a way to offer a certificate after completing a series of courses.

As a learning solutions company, we look beyond just the minimal checklist points. There’s a big difference between learning a single concept and understanding an entire topic. Trainers and educators know this, so why doesn’t your LMS?

Ability Learning Solutions LMS can certainly be set up to offer a certificate after the completion of a single course, but it can also do so much more.

Customized Certificates

With Ability Learning Solutions LMS, certificates come with all of the standard features such as company name, course name, Learner, date completed and instructor, but can also be completely customized including:

  • Company Logo
  • Course Logo
  • Background image
  • Border style, color, and size
  • Font style, color, and size (including different fonts, colors, and sizes for different parts of the certificate)
  • Unique Certification number
  • The expiration date of certificate
  • Test score

And virtually anything else you want

Per Course, Per Learning Track or Per Groups of Series

While each course can have its own certificate, it’s often more appropriate to have a certificate upon completion of a series of courses or even multiple series of courses. Ability LMS does all this effortlessly. For instance, let’s say you have a Warehouse Manager who needs to be trained on:

  • General company policy
  • Manager specific policy
  • General safety
  • Warehouse safety

Each one of those areas could have a certificate of they’re own, plus you can set up Ability LMS to issue a certificate (with an expiration date if needed) when the Warehouse Manager completes the entire training line-up.

Physical Certificates and Off-Site Training Certificates

Not everything starts out digital. And what happens if you get a physical certificate such as the one you might get for training that you do off-site? How can that be made part of the Learner’s transcript? Ability LMS can even handle that. Simply take a picture with a smartphone or scan it and file it with the history record. You can even set up an approval process for the upload which Ability LMS also support. Once uploaded, Ability LMS is smart enough to know to present to the Learner’s uploaded certificate.

Tracking and Reporting

As a Learner goes through each of the requirements, Ability LMS keeps track of everything, all in one place, even if some of the training was done on-the-job, in a classroom or off-site. With this information, Human Resources, managers and executives can quickly review reports and determine resource allocation or see where skills gaps are present.

And There’s More…

Unfortunately, a single article just isn’t enough to cover all of the benefits and features that Ability LMS offers, even if we narrow it down to the subject of certificates. If you haven’t seen a demo of Ability LMS in a while, we encourage you to schedule an appointment and see what tools are available to you. Simply request a demo or call us at (800) 868-8039.

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