Engaging with your LMS should be easy. Complexity should be hidden and you should have a variety of ways to drive interaction around how you need to use the system and what you need to do in the system. Unfortunately, what an LMS should be able to do is often not possible or very expensive with your existing LMS.

While others attempt to frame the problem around what their LMS can support, we create learning management solutions around possibilities in how technology can be leveraged to satisfy what you want your LMS to do.

We’ve pioneered a number of connectivity technologies. Some include syncing learners into AbilityLMS from all major HR integrations, allowing learners to connect with single-sign-on, allowing secure access with express links that can connect directly to a course or section of the LMS along with tons of ways to automate processes such as automatically connecting learners to training plans based on business rules or questionnaires.

As the richness of our learning management framework has evolved, one of the more important technologies we have been developing is the AbilityAPITM. This Application Program Interface (or API) provides instructions for how any external technology (like a website) might interact with AbilityLMS to pass information back and forth.

What can you do with an API?

The short answer is “lots”. With AbilityAPI you can manage Learner accounts, access courses, and training materials, enroll learners in courses, get statistics about learners and courses and much more. You can even build an entire custom learner experience. AbilityAPI opens the door for you to completely customize the look and feel of how your learners and admins interact with AbilityLMS.

How does an API Work in Practice?

There are literally hundreds of things you can do with our API, so let’s focus on a few scenarios:

Website (open to the public)

You want your public website to display training information to people not in AbilityLMS. Through the AbilityAPI, you can get a list of “publicly accessible” courses to display in a listing or calendar. You can build a custom registration workflow that might interact with your CRM or capture data specific to your line of business. You can leverage a variety of services for subscription, payment, communication, security and even immediately launch the training. Most APIs deal with data integration, we have gone the extra mile allowing you to create an entirely custom, front end learner experience.

Company Intranet or Extranet

Many distributed organizations will have a company portal on their intranet or an external portal for clients on their extranet which has its own authentication methods. This external portal may also be “authoritative” of learner information. Both authentication and authoritative data can be used with the AbilityAPI to drive single sign-on into AbilityLMS and either an update of learner data for a learner already in AbilityLMS or creation of a new learner from the authoritative data.

This allows the learners to authenticate into the company/customer portal with single-click access to training resources and syncing learner information.

And this can work the opposite way to push data to an external application based on some event such as completing a course or a set of courses. Likewise, entire sets of data can be automatically pushed (or pulled) such as all training activity for a period of time or some scheduled report or alert based on a condition.

On this last point, other LMS suites that offer an “integrated LMS” can impose serious restrictions that result in poor utilization and frustrating, time-consuming administration. AbilityAPI allows for a broad range of connectivity needs offering a lower cost of ownership based on labor savings and the intangible benefits of a system that is more efficient and more enjoyable learner experience in all roles that might use AbilityLMS.

Websites, Intranets or other Applications

What’s more, AbilityAPI is technology independent – so you can use any programming language or framework to integrate your website or application with AbilityLMS.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Want to see what you can do with APIs? Simply request a demo or call us at (800) 868-8039 and we’ll be happy to walk you through how you can extend the capabilities of your website, intranet or other application using our powerful API.

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